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Hip-Hopis a form of dance that began in the streets with a range of styles like breaking, an urban dance style created in the 70’s by African American and Latino youths in Bronx and Brooklyn, NY. Locking, can be traced to one man, Don Campbell. In the late 1960s he put together several dances and his own moves known as the “Lock”. Popping, created by Boogaloo Sam, who was inspired to create Popping, a dance that combines rigid robotic moves with free flowing moves.   Bre Dance Studio teaches hip hop that draws upon all these styles, while combining the latest fads, styles and street moves in present day hip hop culture. So, dance like you see on the “Rap & Hip Hop Music Video’s”. Learn the moves first, then learn some routines full of fresh, hip, street smart choreography! An enjoyable class for the hip person.

Meet Your Instructors

Alana Walls

Alauna Walls is a highly charged, energetic multi-dimensional Instructor, Dancer and Performer. Alauna has trained at various dance facilities in the Inland Empire, receiving award winning title recognition. Alauna is a student at California Baptist College, with a major in Kinesiology. At the same time Alauna is pursuing a passionate professional performing career in the art of dance.

Alauna Walls

Caleb Collins

Caleb Collins has developed a personalized style in the Hip Hop community. Caleb’s skills come from the street dance styles of Tutting, Popping and Krump. Caleb has studied with Master Coach Playmo. Caleb has worked in industrials with Pandora Advertisement and Purity Ring Band Advertisement.