Modern Dance – is a form of dance that is free and expressive and sometimes abstract. Modern Dance began in the early 20th century with pioneer Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Dennis in reaction to classical ballet. Bre Dance Studio draws upon their surrogates, the teachings and influences of Graham, after (Martha Graham), Dunham, after (Katherine Dunham) and Horton, after (Lester Horton), all with codified techniques to teach modern dance. Modern Dance has been shaped and influenced by colleges and universities dance program curriculums. In recent years Modern Dance has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech (spoken text) and film. This class will introduce you to several styles of modern dance technique such as Horton, Graham and Dunham. Learn body placement, body lines, turns, jumps and combinations. Bend those classical lines and take a journey to new movements and ideas in Modern Dance!

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