Jazz Dance – found it’s origins in early African American culture of the 1800’s to the mid – 1900’s. Here, with jazz dance rhythm and syncopation is emphasized. Similar to jazz music, jazz dance draws upon improvisation, expressions and body movements to convey jazz dance. Since it’s origins jazz dance has evolved and become codified. Many styles exist, such as: theatrical jazz (broadway, concert), social jazz, street jazz and lyrical jazz. Bre Dance Studio teaches jazz dance that draws upon a strong ballet technique. Bre’s style is influenced by the great teachings of Luigi and Bob Fosse that takes you on a journey from broadway, to concert stages, to dance halls, to music video’s. So, learn jazz dance using Street Smart Moves, Latin and Carribean influences all with a suave Broadway appeal that sometimes takes a Lyrical approach, making jazz dance funky, hip and exciting. Learn and build on the fundamentals of balance, turns, jumps, jazz lines, in a style, “That’s Jazz!”

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